15 January 2015

Dogs are smarter than you think

http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2015/01/13/seattle-dog-rides-bus-public-transit-park-black-lab_n_6463364.htmlSeattle dog rides the bus to the dog park

     The above link is to one of several websites that have a video about Eclipse.

     No, not the horse. 

      Eclipse is a two year old black  Labrador Retriever. She lives in Seattle with her owner, Jeff.

     Jeff and Eclipse take the bus to the local dog park four or five times a week.

     Sometimes, when the bus arrives, Jeff isn't finished with his cigarette. So Eclipse gets aboard without him.

     She knows where her stop is. She watches out the window, and when she sees her stop, she goes to the door and exits the bus.

     I would not be surprised if she can do the return trip on her own, too. 

     When I saw an article in the Seattle Times (13 Jan 15) about her I thought, whoa, this one's going to go viral right now. I was right.

     It tickles me no end that dogs can figure this out. I just wonder how her fare is paid? Heck, were I on that bus, I'd pay her fare just for the delicious treat she's given the world. 

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Enjoying your posts, Michelle, but have only just caught up as I don't get any notification when you publish, despite "following" ... apparently in the wilderness!!