09 February 2015

Why we can't control guns in America

    I've ranted about guns in my country before, so if you choose to pass on, please do.

    This is more for my European and Australian readers, anyway. We Yanks already know about the problems we have with guns.

    Above is a link to that rant. I received more than a few comments about it, some expressing thanks for my describing my frustration, more telling me in nasty words that they hated me.
Those hate comments I sent to the trash, where they belong. I also beefed up my virus and malware programs to keep the rats out.

    Take a look at the idiot in the picture above. Published on 17 Jan 15 in the "Seattle Times", it shows a bozo wearing a trench coat (the same style that the Columbine murderers wore when they slaughtered over 20 of their high school classmates). It appears he has a handgun in a holster under his trench coat. He is wearing a knife strapped to his left thigh.
Bozo is carrying a automatic pistol. It has what appears to be laser sights. It is fully loaded and probably has a round in the chamber. He is carrying it the way he 'seen it done by the sojers'. Soldiers are trained to keep their fingers alongside the trigger so as to be able to immediately respond to the enemy. 

   Look at his expression. This is the face of a man about to bravely enter the jaws of certain death. He's scanning for snipers. He's walking as if he expects an IED to go off.  Is he a member of the armed forces, entering a building full of  fully armed Taliban? 

    Oh, not at all. Bozo is not even remotely associated with the military. (we wouldn't take him). Bozo is swaggering into the Capitol building, the place were laws are made. His perceived enemy are lawyers, lobbyists, and legislators, teenage pages (who's job it is to run messages to the legislators), janitors keeping the place clean, docents willing to tell you who is in what part of the building,  citizens seeking to meet with their representatives. The people in the building (other than bozo) are in suits and ties, dress shoes, high heels, dresses. None of them are armed. They are in the building to discuss, create and manage the laws in the state. 

   But Bozo is on a mission. Bozo is there Protesting His Second Amendment Rights, which his steely gaze indicates he believes have been infringed. 

   Last fall, the voters in this state voted into law one that says that anyone purchasing or transferring a weapon must pass a background check. 

    Doesn't this chap your ass? Doesn't this infuriate you? Aren't you appalled that we are trying, desperately, to keep weapons out of the hands of felons and people who've already demonstrated their intent to hurt, murder, etc other people with guns?

   Well, the fact that the majority of voters in this state actually passed such a law infuriates Bozo. Far more heavily armed than even the security guards in this capitol, he is Going To Show These Politicians that he won't stand for it anymore. No, he's angry. He's here to flaunt his weaponry. He's here to SHOW THEM HE MEANS BUSINESS.

   Which is the point of this rant. Look at this clown. I can hear the dramatic music he's playing in his head. He's making a point, don't you know, and everyone who sees him can see it right away. He's probably got an erection (probably the only one he's ever had). He's a Man With Superior Firepower.

   He's also an effing fool.

   I like guns. I have several. I don't use them to intimidate people, like Bozo is doing. I don't use them to make my point heard. I don't carry them out in the open in order to cause fear. 

    That's what this dipshit is doing. He's really a coward, unable to make his point without making it behind the protection of his gun. He's a bully and a coward. His IQ is probably no higher than room temperature. He was not breaking the law at this point. It was legal to carry a weapon into the Capitol.

However, bozo did expose our legislators as the useless, pusillanimous public trough feeders our elected officials are. In failing to heed the many initiatives we citizens have brought to them, pleading for SOMETHING to control guns, they blamed the overwhelming power (and under the table funding) of the NRA for not creating a law with teeth. It didn't matter when it was only innocent citizens being shot at. But when they realized it was THEIR skulls in the cross hairs, they created and passed the law forbidding weapons in the Capitol building(s) in less than 24 hours.

   Which infuriated Bozo and his ilk even more. How dare the suits inside actually call them out on their childish display? Do the suits think the guns aren't responsibly handled? 
  Well, no. When I see a bozo like this clown carrying a weapon like this into a civic building, one where he KNOWS no one else is armed, or has any reason to be, he's doing it to inflate his ego. He has one thing on his mind-he's been offended, and by god, he's not going to take it lying down. Nope. He's using fear and intimidation, and the gun is merely a solid promise if you don't listen and agree. He is no better than the Taliban. A case could be made that he is a terrorist. The difference being, the Taliban know their opponents are armed and willing to use them. Bozo, here, is safe in the knowledge that no one will shoot at HIM.

   Which is why he's carrying the gun. He is depending on everyone else to be decent citizens. It allows him to have his tantrum in public, with his wonderful gun to insure they allow him to have it.  He doesn't have to be courteous. Everyone else must respect him or else.

   What he doesn't realize is that the vast majority of people who may have been undecided on the issue of carrying weapons  into the capitol had their minds made up when they saw this picture. Yep, maybe the people who have been crying out for SOME sort of gun control aren't so crazy as the frothing mouth breathers have been saying they are.

   The sad thing is, every time we try to make even the slightest change to gun laws, we get clowns like this who do things like this. We get the idiots at the NRA saying the only way to counter a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun. The NRA is the power behind this bozo. Whether we like it or not, innocent people..children at school, high school students in the cafeteria, shoppers at the mall, women at day care centers, people watching movies, people in medical clinics, at the gas pumps, driving on the road, waiting to board an aircraft, getting our hair done, all of us...are at the mercy of any bozo like the one above. If he's having a bad day, you are going to pay with your life. 
   And the NRA will protect him.


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