02 April 2018

Sire and Son in Amsterdam's FEI World Cup dressage

As usual, my little rural area of North America is late to televise the 2017/2018 FEI World Cup Freestyle Dressage test held in Amsterdam.

Isabelle Werth won it on her fabulous horse who's name escapes me, but Edward Gal came in second on a hugely magnificent Dutch Warmblood stallion, Glock's Zonik (which, is now followed by the letters N.O.P which I'm not certain their meaning).

Glock's Zonik is registered as a KWPN (Dutch Warmblood). 

But did anyone notice that Zonik's SIRE was ALSO in the competition?

Zonik is by Blue Hors Zack. Blue Hors Zack was ridden by Daniel Bachman Andersen. He has a website filled with this horseman's idea of true eye candy. It's all in Danish, I think, I can't read it.  Zack is registered as a Danish Warmblood but like so many good European warmbloods, (to include his son), he can also be accepted by the other Big registries.

The unfortunately all too garrulous commentators didn't mention the connection. I noted it on the official FEI published results.

Glock's Zonik N.O.P., ridden by Edward Gal
Blue Hors Zack, ridden by (I assume) Daniel Bachman Andersen

Now this is an example of exemplary breeding. Father and son are almost alike in appearance, although Zack is bay.

Call me old fashioned, but I don't really care for the extended front end asked of Zonik. Gal rode Moorland's Totillas in the very same frame at the World Equestrian Games. Unless standards have changed in lo these many years, I was always under the impression that a horse must be 'even'...his hind legs matching the forelegs in impulsion, etc. Ideally, this means that the hind legs should reach as far under the belly as the forelegs are reaching outwards. Now perhaps the modern dressage horse  has been bred to be able to attain that reach, but..in Zonik's (and Totillas') case, I wonder how much is 'forced'. I hesitate to use that word. The correct one is escaping me at the moment.

There was some tremendous talent in that ring. I learn so much about riding, just by watching the masters at their craft.

And wishing, once again, for that magic lantern. Of the three wishes I'd be granted, one of them would to be able to ride like they do.

(and please...make sure it's Robin William's genie doing the granting.)

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