23 July 2018

This horrid nightmare

   I did not vote for the Great Pumpkin.

   I didn't like Hillary Clinton, either. Honestly, I wanted Bernie Sanders. I even though John Kasich would have made a good President, and he's a Republican.

   But this...this...excretion, this orange turd currently stinking up the White House is the worst thing that has ever happened to my country. He has insulted every one of our allies and friends, and is sucking up to Putin. He adores Putin.  His Republican Party (the spineless ones) are right in line behind him. They agree and fully support everything he says, has done and believes. They loathe the poor but are working hard to make all of us that way. He has filled the Cabinet  and government offices with his friends, self serving plutocrats who are busily dismantling the Constitution and making it into something that benefits the rich corporate white man at the expense of everyone else.
He has started a trade war with everyone and the only folks who will be hurting is US. I fully believe he is going to start a war with SOMEONE.
He spends his time on his golf courses.
He doesn't read. He doesn't listen to his advisers. He had his so called book ghost written and then didn't pay the writer. 

   He is a cult leader, and his believers have been given carte blanche to assault, attack and even kill anyone who derides their little tin god. 

Oh my god. What did we do to deserve this. 

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