17 August 2014

I've moved from my WordPress blog, "Through The Bridle Lightly". That blog host site made ridiculous, juvenile and unwanted changes to the entire process of blogging, without bothering to listen to the people who created them (and in many cases, purchased premium or domains for a lot of money).

What WordPress.org did was use the customers on WordPress.com as lab rats, as beta testers, without asking us if we minded. And we did mind, quite vociferously, but were ignored. WP cherry picked the issues it chose to address and ignored the rest.

Thus I am changing to blogger. I don't know if it will be better than WP, I sort of doubt it, but Google being who and what it is, I don't believe they depend on bloggers to make their money.

Anyway, you are welcome to follow me here. I am going to try and import all my posts from Through The Bridle Lightly, but if they don't import...well, I suppose I must start all over again.

I'm still Khutulan. I do like the name of my new blog. It is a better reflection of who I am.

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