21 August 2014

Stolen tack is jinxed

         Raven recently moved into a new barn (which I'll call The Barn, as it's privately owned.)

        It's a well kept facility. I know several of the women who already have their horses there, some for years. They're all honest people.

       Last week, the owner hosted a tack sale. Signs were posted on the road and I was invited to add whatever I wanted to sell.

        Due to a prior commitment, I was unable to stay for the sale. So I put only one item in the sale: my 22" Albion padded leather girth. I used it no more than five times, and then changed horses. I've been trying to get rid of it ever since I sold the saddle, because it fits Arabians, not the big warmbloods I've been riding since.

       The day after the sale, I went back to the barn, and my girth was not to be found amidst the other items that hadn't sold.

      The story (and I have no reason to disbelieve the barn folk), is that a woman showed up with several kids in tow. She wandered the barn aisle, looking at the tack, and showed an interest in the several girths for sale, to include mine.

     Just before she left, the kids suddenly went berserk. There were '3 or 4', that rampaged through the barn, one went running to see the horses in their paddocks, another tried to go up into the haymow, etc.

    These actions were planned. The barn folk's attention were drawn to the kids, NOT the woman. Within a few minutes, the woman called her kids back to her side, seemingly embarassed, and used that as an excuse to leave.

    One of the barn folk said, 'I didn't like the looks of her right from the start.'

    It was only the next day that we realized that my girth was missing, and no one had purchased it.

   The woman had stolen it.

   Well, let me tell you something, Momma Thief.  It's a horrible example you're setting for your kids. I'm betting in the future, I'll be paying for them in the way of keeping them fed in prison. 

   It's not the fact that I'm out a girth that pisses me off-I wasn't using it. It's the fact that you stole at all.

     I wanted to sell it. Despite the fact that it cost me $175 new, I was willing to let it go for $65, and was willing to accept a reasonable offer.

    But no, you had to steal it. You went in with full intentions of stealing something. It's why you brought your kids. You've done this before, haven't you? My friends at the barn were amazed at how the kids all scattered at once, in four different directions. You've trained your kids to be accessories to theft.

  Let me warn you, Thief. Stolen tack is jinxed.  Yeah, I just made that up, but I want to throw that little bottle out onto the internet sea. If you steal tack, that item is is going to have its revenge: fall apart when you need it to stay together. Break when it's the most inconvenient. Lead someone else to steal everything you own. Or, maybe, if you're stupid enough to put it on Craig's List, lead the police to your door. (I bet they already have your name and address on speed dial.)

    Stolen tack is cursed with bad juju, and I hope, woman, that it hits you.

   Thief, (I can't call you "lady" or "ma'am", as they are honorifics), just remember, Karma will get you. It will.  What goes around, comes around. It always does.

   Bad luck to you, thief.

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Anonymous said...

It's depressing how much time and energy people put into stealing these days. This kind of behavior has become an epidemic. I'm sorry it has infected your life. No lasting harm, I guess, but sad.